Wholesale Information

Are you interested in becoming a wholesale partner for our ceremonial tobacco? Invest in your future with a product that is becoming more widely known and asked for by large institutions and companies across the provinces.

Why sell our ceremonial tobacco?

  • Demand is high and growing
  • Access to consistent buyers like government, healthcare, and RCMP
  • Additional foot traffic = higher overall sales potential
  • Complimentary posting on our website, driving new customers to your store
  • Tobacco is provincially and/or Canadian stamped and taxes are prepaid

Until December 31, 2022, terms and free shipping are available on all new accounts. Contact us to learn more!  Please email wholesale@imaginationgroup.ca or call 1-877-640-2090 ext. 130 to get started.

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Using traditional knowledge and modern practices, we provide our customers 100% certified organic, ceremonial tobacco. Our beautiful packaging, widely known as “The Tin” is unique in the industry and our customers often ask for it by name. We exceed all manufacturing and production standards, and our tobacco is Blackstock approved and complies with all provincial legislation.

Tobacco gifting is a sacred practice that follows certain protocols. Learn more here.