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      Our Petroglyph Icon
      Our brand image contains the drawing of a petroglyph, a familiar sight to anyone who has studied Indigenous cultures across the world. Rock paintings have been widely interpreted as symbolizing prehistoric life and are generally considered to be significant spiritual and cultural representations of ancient humans. Petroglyphs exist across the world and across time so are not indigenous to any single culture. Their universality is what makes them so interesting and serve to remind us that community is everywhere, past and present.

      Our petroglyph icon is a simple image of a person with a halo and four dots. The halo represents our own imagination in believing that anything is possible. It is ever present and has no limits in its reach. The four dots represent the four cardinal directions, the four primary colours, the four Nations of the earth, the four sacred plants, the four elements, and the four distinct groups that make up Indigenous people in Canada. There is power in the number four, in Indigenous cultures, and it is an important organizing principle for life everywhere. The line that encircles our petroglyph image represents the world we all share and live within. It is ever present and has no limits in its reach.

      Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.
      Albert Einstein
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      Marie and Colby Delorme

      Indigenous Owned

      Dr. Marie Delorme

      is CEO of The Imagination Group of Companies and serves on numerous boards across Canada. She is a member of the National Indigenous Economic Development Board, an advisory body to the federal government and the Indigenous Advisory Council of the Canadian National Railway Company. Dr. Delorme is a Member of the Order of Canada and has received numerous awards including the Indspire Award in Business and Commerce. She was named by WXN one of Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women.

      Colby Delorme

      Colby Delorme has been a Métis entrepreneur since the age of 18 and joined the Imagination Group of Companies in 2002. Staying true to his entrepreneurial roots, in 2016 he launched the Ceremonial Tobacco line. As President of Imagination, he has been instrumental in building the company into the dynamic operation it has become today. His latest venture has been co-founding Influence Mentoring Society, a non-profit focused on creating mentoring relationships for post-secondary Indigenous students. Having served on numerous boards and an active volunteer, Colby holds an Institute of Corporate Directors Designation from the Rotman School of Management and is passionate about creating new and sustainable opportunities in business and making a positive impact for the Indigenous community.

      Ceremonial Tobacco - Traditionally blessed. Exquisitely packaged.
      Ceremonial Tobacco
      Traditionally blessed. Exquisitely packaged.
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