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VIP Rewards Club

An employee recognition program tailored to your needs

VIP Rewards Club is an employee recognition and rewards program that enable organizations to affectively appreciate people who do great work

Whether you want a total recognition platform, or just need new recognition awards for your existing programs, VIP Rewards Club can help.

Your employee recognition program is one of your most effective tools to drive positive behaviours, unify teams and corporate culture, improve engagement and retention, increase safe work practices, and significantly increase your bottom line.

Our system is designed to fit your individual needs making all of our builds unique to each of our customers, driven by very specific objectives and management styles.

Employee Recognition Strategies

  • Celebrate employee effort and inspire positive behaviours
  • Reward employees who make a difference to customers, their team and the company
  • Celebrate employee career building and personal achievements
  • Encourage safe work habits for a safe work environment and future

Award Options Your Employees will Appreciate

  • Brand-name lifestyle and traditional gifts elegantly branded with your logo
  • Awards and gifts to match any level of achievement and success
  • Online delivery so that your employee feels in control of their success
  • The option to make quick changes to match the wants of your employees

Now you can work with a trusted partner to recognize your valuable people.