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Mobile Website Design

NATION Imagination offers mobile website design to allow your website visitors to quickly and easily navigate your site from any mobile device. Now, you can reach the fastest growing audience by automatically serving up a mobile friendly version of your website to visitors. Give your visitors the power of choice when browsing your website from a mobile device. They can choose from a standard desktop version or remain on the mobile version of your website for enhanced speed and compatibility.

What devices will my website be compatible with?

Your mobile website will display beautifully and will be compatible with all mobile devices including, but not limited to, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, BlackBerry devices and more.

Will my website look different on an iPhone or iPad?

With a dedicated mobile website, your visitor’s iOS device will automatically display the website resized to fit the user’s screen size. This means that if you view your website on an iPad, it will look slightly different than it would on a smaller screen size such as an iPhone. The reason this happens is mainly for speed, ease of access, user-friendliness and readability.

What is the difference between a responsive website and a mobile website?

A responsive website allows a website to dynamically resize itself based on the user’s screen size. The website will conform to fit screen sizes small to large including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. On the other hand, a mobile website is a dedicated, more watered down version of a website that typically has reduced functionality or reduced content in order to speed up the visitor’s load time. Responsive websites are typically used for smaller websites in cases where the website will load quickly and dedicated mobile websites are typically used in cases where the normal desktop version of the website would typically take a little too long to load for a mobile user.

Will visitors be able switch to the desktop or full version of the website?

Yes. We never want to limit visitors or force them to view a mobile website. If they prefer the full desktop version of the website, a link is always available for them to navigate to the non-mobile version.

Will a mobile website negatively affect my search engine rankings?

No, if anything having a mobile website may actually help to boost your search engine rankings. Mobile websites are still very new to the Internet and to search engine crawlers. A dedicated mobile website is usually served up on a sub-domain (ex: instead of Technically speaking from a search engine’s standpoint, this is an entirely different website all together. We believe that in the near future, there will be a strong market for SEO specifically for mobile based websites. Building a mobile website now would put you ahead of the pack.

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